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Mon - Sun : 08.30am - 11pm
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    We provide corperate menus for functions, special menus for set events, light bites and 'real pub food'. 

    Our food has continued to become well established over the last few years, and we continue to strive for high quality and ethically sourced ingredients from within the UK, in particular within the local Counties.

    This has enabled us to create some beautiful recipes and dishes with the help of some truly great Suppliers who share our passion for fantastic ingredients.

    We are still pushing to create products that are well balanced and guest friendly, including those with specialist dietary requirements and Vegans.

    All our dishes are made on site, with the exception of some artisan products. Therefore, during our very busy times there may be a wait on food, but we will get it to you as soon as possible, please look at our Special Boards for more options.

    (V) Product is fully Vegan and contains no Animal product/by product

    (N) Product contains Nuts, and/or derivatives

    (C) Product contains Chilli

    For any other requirements, please let a member of staff know.

    Pub Classics


     Pub Classics 


    Good old traditional pub favourites 


    Honey Roasted Ham with free-range eggs, chips and peas. £11.00/£7.50

    Sausage Shed Sausages with whole grain mustard mashed potatoes, stock gravy & onion crisps. £10.50/£7.00

    Breaded Whole Tail Scampi with chips, peas & our own Tartare Sauce. £10.50

    Buffet Menu for Functions

    Our buffet menu is available for all functions, parties and events

    Buffet Menu

    Section 1

    Mini Vegetarian Quiche (V)

    Cheese & Bacon Bites (GF)

    Tortilla Bites - Spinach/Red Pepper (V)

    Cheese Burger Crostini

    Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins

    Cheese & Chive Potato Skins (V)

    BBQ or Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (S)

    Chicken Balti Samosa (S)

    Vegetable Samosa (V)

    Vegetable Spring Roll (V)

    Baby Cupcakes (V)


    Section 2

    Mexican Salsa Pickups (S)(V)

    Bacon & Blue Cheese Pickups

    Prestige Canape's

    Mango & Brie Parcels (V)

    Stilton & Mushroom Knot (V)

    Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels

    Mini Pie Selection - Beef & Ale / Chicken & Tarragon

    Chicken Drumsticks

    Mixed Macaroons



    Section 3

    Chicago Canape's

    Coconut Skewered Prawns (N)

    Chicken Tikka Skewers (S)

    Assorted Petit Fours

    Assorted Cupcake Selection


    Section 4

    Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Sandwiches

    Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Open Rolls

    Selection of Meat & Vegetarian Tortilla Wraps


    V = vegetarian   GF = gluten free   N = nuts   S = spicy  

    If you have any food allergies or intolerances, then please speak to a member of staff before ordering.  Thank you.

    Option 1 - £8.50 per head - 5 section 1, 3 section 2, 1 section 1, 1 section 4

    Option 2 - £10.50 per head - 5 section 1, 4 section 2, 2 section 3, 1 section 4

    Option 3 - £12.50 per head - 6 section 1, 5 section 2, 3 section 3, 2 section 4


    Some items may be subject to change due to notice period or availability. If you would like to mix and match then please ask and a price can be arranged.

    We can also supply a large number or cakes if you wanted to sweeten up your party or you’re looking at an afternoon tea style event, again please ask for details.





    Steak Night

    Steak Nights

    Wednesday & Thursday in February, March & April



    8oz Rump Steak. £13.50.

    8oz Sirloin Steak. £14.50.

    8oz Ribeye Steak. £16.50.

     (all steaks subject to availability)

    Served with  a Grilled Tomato, Portobello Mushroom, Onion Rings, Mixed Salad & Chips.


    Classic Sauces @ £1.25 Each

    Red Wine & Mushroom.

    Green Peppercorn.

    Béarnaise Sauce.

    Blue Cheese & Spring Onion.


    If you have any food allergies or intolerances, then please speak to a member of staff before ordering.  Thank you.